James 2:26 tells us, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

At Calvary Chapel Greer, we believe that reaching out to others to show them the love of Jesus in a tangible way is not only our responsibility as Christians, it is also an act of worship to our King. We have two primary goals. First, we want to introduce people to Jesus, our Savior, and to help them live as His disciples, obeying everything He has commanded through His revealed Word, the Bible. And second, we seek to equip every believer to fulfill the ministry that God has called him or her to.

Part of the way in which we strive to accomplish these goals is through the ministries of service we offer at CCG. Many of our ministries are informal, accomplished by individuals who see a need and find a way to meet it. But as a church, we also focus on the specific, formal ministries detailed below.


Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19).  At Calvary Chapel Greer, supporting missionary efforts is very important to us.  We currently support two families who have been called far from their homes to take the good news of salvation through Jesus to people in other lands.

We support our missionaries in three ways:

Prayerfully.  Our missionaries need our prayers! We keep in close contact with them so that we can pray specifically for their needs.

Practically.  Imagine how it would be to be separated from your family and friends and everything comfortable and familiar, travel to a foreign land, possibly learn a new language, become accustomed to a new culture, and develop new relationships. Although our missionary families love to tell about people whose lives have been touched with the gospel of Jesus, they would also tell you that at times it’s very lonely, and they long for fellowship with believers from home. That’s why groups and individuals travel to visit our missionary families. During these visits, we are able to help them with projects and other work they need to be done, as well as encourage them with fellowship. Each team that goes on a mission trip spends months in evangelism training and equipping before leaving for the work of ministry.

Monetarily.  Did you know that when you purchase a specialty coffee drink or any of the other items for sale in the Fishers of Men Café you are helping to support missions work?  All the proceeds from items sold in the Café go entirely to support our missionaries. Watch for announcements about “Burrito Sunday” once a month and other special dining opportunities that also support our missionaries.


The Renewal Center, founded in 1997 by Miracle Hill Ministries, is a long-term, residential, substance-abuse treatment facility for women. This program reaches out to women who have experienced physical and sexual violence and are, therefore, at a higher risk for substance abuse.  The program offers freedom from life-dominating addictions through a relationship with Jesus Christ and following spiritual and practical principles taught in the Bible.

Calvary Chapel Greer meets with the women at the Renewal Center one Saturday morning each month. After sharing a special breakfast, we seek to build up and encourage our sisters in Christ through Bible reading, prayer, and worship in a small group environment.

If you love seeing the power of God working, rescuing, and renewing lives before your eyes, this is a low-commitment, high-reward ministry. Women especially should prayerfully consider participating.


(Due to the jail’s COVID policy, this outreach is temporarily on hold)

Every Monday night the Calvary Chapel Greer jail ministry team enters the Greenville County Detention Center to share the Gospel, lead lost men to Christ, and disciple inmates who have long-term sentences. There are few words that can describe this experience. The Holy Spirit is always moving, and He asks us to respond, no matter which side of the bars we are on. The enemy is constantly at work, and as you can imagine, spiritual warfare is always a struggle inside the walls of a jail or prison.

One of our goals is to encourage the men and help them understand that there is nothing they have done that Jesus didn’t overcome on the cross. We are all disasters at best and are in need of a Savior! Many times we laugh, cry and share struggles with one another. It is so moving to see men’s hearts truly broken, and knowing that their personal relationships with the Lord grow each day is such a blessing. It is our hope that once these men leave the jail, they never return. We often say “I hope I never see you again!” Of course, we are speaking of seeing them in jail again. The truth is that we will see many of the inmates in Heaven!