…and Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19) 

At Calvary Chapel Greer, supporting missionary efforts is very important to us. We currently support a few different established missionaries or mission ministries full of people who have been called far from their homes to take the good news of salvation through Jesus to people in other lands.

We support our missionaries in three ways:

Prayerfully. Our missionaries need our prayers! We keep in close contact with them so that we can pray specifically for their needs.

Practically. Imagine how it would be to be separated from your family and friends and everything comfortable and familiar, travel to a foreign land, possibly learn a new language, become accustomed to a new culture, and develop new relationships. Although our missionary families love to tell about people whose lives have been touched by the gospel of Jesus, they would also tell you that at times it’s very lonely, and they long for fellowship with believers from home. That’s why groups and individuals travel to visit our missionary families. During these visits, we are able to help them with projects and other work they need to be done, as well as encourage them with fellowship. Each team that goes on a mission trip spends months in evangelism training and equipping before leaving for the work of ministry.

Monetarily. When you purchase items from the Fishers of Men Café, such as specialty coffee drinks and other offerings, you contribute directly to our mission work. All proceeds generated from Café sales are dedicated to supporting our missionaries. In addition, consistent financial donations are sent to our missionaries we support.


For any inquiries or if you would like further information on how to be a part of this ministry, send an email with questions or requests to Tony Perdomo at