Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we believe it’s crucial for the Body Of Christ to gather in person to worship God and to fellowship with each other. Therefore, all of our ministries are in full swing! We encourage everyone to participate in our in-person worship services, and each service is live streamed in various locations for those who are unable to attend live.



Children’s ministry is available at all services, and our Junior High Youth Group meets during our 11am Sunday Service. A full list of our weekly ministries can be found on the Hompage under “Ministries”.



The safety & well-being of our children, parents, & volunteers is of the utmost important to us, so we continue to take the following precautions:

– A “Mask section” is available in the Main Sanctuary for those who desire to wear face masks and to sit near others wearing face masks.

– All of our HVAC units have been equipped with plasma field generators that constantly purify the air.

– The church building and furniture are being sanitized nightly with ozone generators.

– After every church service or meeting, natural disinfectant is being used to clean all hard and soft surfaces.

– The use of natural hand sanitizer is available and encouraged, & hand sanitizer stations are positioned throughout the Children’s Ministry hall.

We look forward to seeing you in person or online!